“I Am” Introduction

Big Idea: God is eternal. He has always existed and will always exist.

There are many philosophies and ideologies that your students will encounter in college and/or out in the world and may even be encountering while they are in high school. Throughout this series, we will be talking about different attributes of God taught in the Bible and how they dispute various claims and philosophies. One philosophy that is manifested in various forms is called pantheism. This is the idea that God exists within the created universe. This ideology can lead to various forms of nature worship that is found in Wiccan and Occult practices, but is most commonly found in extreme environmentalism.

However, pantheism most frequently leads to the idea that God can be found in oneself. Humanity, being the apex of creation, is most often thought of as the place where God exists. This is the basis for the Hindu and Buddhist religions, as well as other mystical and New Age religions. All these religions teach that by following a pattern of inner self-improvement (most often through meditation practices) one can find God or some form of a higher power. However, all of these religions focus on the worship of creation, instead of the Creator. All of these religions focus on the worship of something that is finite, instead of the one who is infinite. Everything within the universe has a beginning and an end. God does not. God is eternal and exists outside the realm of the created world. Because of this, he is the one that deserves our worship.


Reading Guide:

Day 1: Psalm 90 (Key Verses: 1, 2, & 12)

Day 2:  Psalm 93 (Key Verse: 2)

Day 3:  Psalm 102 (Key Verses: 11 – 12, 25 – 27)

Everything that has been created, including human beings, will one day pass away, but God remains forever. Because of this, we know that creation is not God and is not to be worshipped. Through creation, we are able to know more about God. For example, we can know that God loves us because he has created beautiful things like mountains and beaches for us to enjoy. Through creation, we are able to experience God and meet with God because the beauty of this world touches our souls. But creation is simply a conduit by which we get to God. It is not God itself.


Questions for Discussion

  • What do these verses say about God?
  • What do these verses say about the created world?
  • How does this impact your faith?


Weekly Challenge

Spend time observing God’s creation and praising God for what he has created.

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