I Am


Sermon Series: I Am

November 17: I Am Introduction

November 24: I Am the Vine

December 1: I Am the Light of the World

December 8: I Am the Bread of Life

December 15: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Sermon Descriptions

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. When people think of Christmas, they think of snow and reindeer, trees and presents, candy and desserts, family and friends. These are all excellent things to celebrate, but as Christians we know that Christmas is all about reveling in the joy that was brought about by the coming of our Messiah. When Jesus first came into this world, he established a kingdom. This kingdom was based on love, peace, and joy. Every other kingdom in the history of the world was based on power, fear, and oppression. But the one who reigned over this kingdom was a ruler of grace and mercy. But who was this king?

C. S. Lewis once said about Jesus that he was either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord. Who was Jesus? Was he just a man or a good teacher? Was he a god or a guru? Or was he the one true God? This sermon series is all about who Jesus said he was and what he did. As Christmas approaches, our hope is that your teenagers will have a deeper understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Our primary goal in our ministry is to get students to own their own faith. By developing a clear picture of who Jesus was and what he did, our hope is that they will have a better grasp of what they believe to be true about him.

In this series, we want to equip you to talk to your students about Jesus. Christmas is a great time of year to broach this subject. We want to help you help your students develop a better understanding of Jesus and to equip you to help them make the transition from relying on your faith to having their own faith. We want to empower you to pass on faith in Christ to your students. By helping them know who Jesus claimed to be and what he claimed to do, they will be able to that.

I Am Introduction: When God first introduced himself to Moses, he spoke to him through a burning bush. God commissioned Moses to free the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. And when Moses asked who he should say sent him, God told him “I am who I am.” And so, “I am” would go on to be considered God’s proper name. “I Am” in Hebrew is Yahweh. The Israelites revered God so much that they refused to say this word, pronouncing it as “Adonai” instead. So, when Jesus came along and starting using the term “I Am” to refer to himself, people noticed.

I am the Vine: One day, I went outside to find a few flowers looking wilted and pathetic. I picked up the hose and squeezed the nozzle, but no water came out. I traced the hose back to the faucet to find that it was not connected. Just like water does not come out of an unconnected hose and branches cut off from a vine do not produce fruit, we cannot live righteously like Jesus if we are not connected to him. Jesus’s presence only exists in the lives of his followers. Their righteous works lead others to him. We need to remain connected to Jesus to produce fruit that leads others to righteousness.

I Am the Light of the World: Have you ever been sitting in your house during a dark and stormy night, when the power goes out? How frustrating was it to fumble around for a candle or a flashlight? How many things did you step on or run into? Just like we cannot physically see without light, we cannot see without the light of Christ. Without Christ, we stumble through life with no direction or purpose. But once Christ comes into our life, he illuminates our path and gives us a clear direction and purpose.

I Am the Bread of Life: While the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God sent them manna to eat. This manna was literally bread of life since they would have starved otherwise. Likewise, Jesus is our bread of life. Just when we think that we will die in the desert of our life, Jesus gives us hope. He is our sustenance in times of despair and he is our provider in times of destitution. He is our source of life.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: We live in a postmodern, relativistic society. We live in a culture that embraces moral relativism and rejects absolute truth. Many people claim that each person should find his or her own truth because what is true for one person is not true for someone else. Jesus claimed to be the truth, but they claim that this is not inclusive. But the essence of truth is exclusivity. If something is true, something else that is contradictory can not also be true.

Around the Dinner Table

We want to equip you to pass faith generationally and to make a lasting impact in your family tree. A great way to start building a faith legacy in your family is by opening up conversations about Jesus. We hope that this series will give you opportunities to do that. We want to encourage to take one night each week throughout this series and spend time talking around the dinner table. We will provide a Reading Guide that you can follow as a family. This will contain three short passages that reinforce the previous weekend’s teaching. During the conversation, ask these three questions about the reading:

  • What did you read?
  • What did you learn?
  • What are you going to do about it?

Scripture Memorization

A great way to memorize Bible verses is by doing it together as a family. Throughout this series, say the memory verse together randomly around the house, before school or before bed. This month’s verse is:

John 14:6 (ERV)

I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.

Monthly Action Step

Sometime throughout this series we want to challenge you to: Serve once together as a family.

Whether it is visiting a nursing home, baking cookies for a neighbor, or raking someone’s leaves, serving someone else is a great opportunity to open up lines of communication to talk about Jesus. When you show someone Christ’s love, they receive a glimpse of Jesus and are open to hearing more about him.

Word of Encouragement

Here is a link to an article about instilling biblical values in your children despite the relativistic society in which we live:


Printable Version

Links to Additional Resources

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