“The Vine” Bible Study

Big Idea: God is good.

There is so much pain and evil in the world that it is difficult to imagine that God is good. Many people often ask how can God be good when there is so much suffering in the world? They assume that if God were good, he would end pain and suffering and rid the world of evil. This leads to the ideology called Deism. This is the idea that God created the world and left it to run similar to the way a clockmaker designs a clock, winds it up, and simply lets it tick. In this philosophy, God is thought of as a completely indifferent being that does not care at all about his creation. He does not intervene in his creation because his apathy causes him to remain stagnant; unmoving to relieve the pain of his creation.

However, Scripture testifies time and again that God is good and that his goodness manifests itself through his kindness and benevolence to his to creation. He is always generous wanting to bless and show good will toward his creation. This good will is not only directed toward human beings. He supplies rain even where no one lives (Job 38:25 – 27). When his goodness is expressed to mankind, it is called love. The ultimate expression of his love is seen in everything he has done to save us from our sins.

Reading Guide

Day 1: Psalm 149 (Key Verses: 9, 15 – 16)

Day 2: Job 38 (Key Verses: 25 – 27)

Day 3: Matthew 5 (Key Verses: 43 – 45)

Questions for Discussion

  • What do these verses say about God’s love?
  • Have you ever felt like God didn’t care about you?
  • How does the knowledge of God’s goodness impact your faith and walk with God?

Weekly Challenge

Do one good thing for someone that you would not normally do.

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