“The Way, the Truth, & the Life” Bible Study

Big Idea: God is holy.

Last week, we talked about how there are two sides of God’s nature that are in conflict in the presence of sin. God’s holiness forces him to punish sinners. But God’s love forces him to offer forgiveness, grace and mercy. He cannot simultaneously punish someone and not punish someone. He has to allow the person to choose how they want to relate to God. Do they want to relate to God through his holiness and receive justice? Or do they want to relate to God through his love and receive grace?

There are many philosophies and religions that solely focus on God’s love. Some exclude God’s justice altogether and others suggest that God’s justice is expressed through his love. He does what is right by always offering love regardless of the sins committed. Historically, this philosophy is referred to as antinomianism, which refers to the idea that there is no need to observe any sort of moral law. A biblical example of this ideology is the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6). Today, however, this ideology most commonly manifests itself through postmodern relativity. This is the idea that morality is relative. What one person considers moral, another may consider immoral and vice versa. To a postmodern relativist, each person creates his or her own law that they abide by, but disregard any other law. The only thing that matters is that you are happy.

Reading Guide

Day 1: James 1 (Key Verses: 14 – 18)

Day 2: 1 Peter 1 (Key Verses: 13 – 16)

Day 3: 1 John 1 (Key Verses: 5 – 7)

Even though our sins are completely forgiven, we are called to live a holy life in the same manner that God is holy. When we live holy lives, we bring glory to God and we live as though we believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. We are also able to reflect God’s holiness to those who do not know him.

Questions for Discussion

  • What do these verses say about God?
  • Have you ever felt like you do not need to follow God’s law because your sins are forgiven?
  • How does this impact your faith and your walk with God?

Weekly Challenge

Try to think of a rule that almost everyone breaks and make an effort to follow it. Don’t do it to make yourself look good, but do it in a way that gives the glory to God.

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