“David & Goliath” Bible Study



Big Idea: Sometimes “giants” aren’t that scary


Watch this 15-minute video to set up the lesson. This is Malcolm Gladwell’s TED Talk called “The Unheard Story of David and Goliath.”



Reading Guide

Day 1: 1 Samuel 17: 1 – 18

Day 2 : 1 Samuel 17: 19 – 36

Day 3: 1 Samuel 17: 37 – 53


Questions for Discussion

  • What are some things that might be considered “giants” in our lives?
  • Why are those things so scary?
  • Do you have an example of a time that a “giant” turned out to be not so intimidating?
  • How can we draw courage from the thought that the things that we see as “giants” may not be so scary?
  • How can use this lesson in our daily lives?


Action Step

Identify something in your life that you would consider a “giant.” Make a list of reasons why that “giant” is not scary or intimidating at all.

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Old School Series Recap


Sermon Series: Old School

March 1/2: David & Goliath

March 8/9: Jonah & the Big Fish

March 15/16: Daniel & the Lion’s Den

Series Introduction

Maybe some of you remember learning Old Testament Bible stories in Sunday School when your teacher stuck the characters up on the flannelgraph. Maybe some of you are completely oblivious to some of the stories in the Old Testament. Throughout this 3-week sermon series, we will be teaching your students some of the more familiar stories from the Old Testament.

The first week of the series, we will be talking about the story of David & Goliath. In the midst of an old fashion standoff with the Philistine army camped out on one mountainside and the Israelite army camped out on another and only a valley scattered with terebinth trees separating them, two men engaged in combat to decide the outcome of the entire war. One was a wiry shepherd boy and the other a feared giant. Who will emerge as victor?

The second week of the series, we will talk about the story of Jonah & the Big Fish. In a time when a powerful empire threatened to lay siege to the kingdom of Israel, God sent one man to change the hearts of a nation. God told Jonah to go into the heart of the empire to encourage the people to repent. Can one man change the course of human history?

The third week of the series, we will be talking about the story of Daniel & the Lion’s Den. In a foreign land, far from his home, one man takes a stand against a powerful king. The king of Persia sought to eradicate the worship of God, but in a blatant act of civil disobedience, Daniel defied this king. Would Daniel’s bold resistance prove to be futile or could it change history?

Weekly Reading Guide

Here is the weekly reading guide to follow along with throughout the series. This will be great to read through as a family!

Week 1: 

1 Samuel 17: 1 – 18

1 Samuel 17: 19 – 36

1 Samuel 17: 37 – 53

Week 2: 

Jonah 1 & 2

Jonah 3

Jonah 4

Week 3: 

Daniel 6: 1 – 9

Daniel 6: 10 – 18

Daniel 6: 19 – 28

Family Action Step

Throughout this series, find three other Old Testament stories to read together as a family.

Family Scripture Memory

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that all God’s people may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16 – 17

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Now Trending: AskFM | Trends and Teens |

Attention Parents: there is an app out there called AskFM. People can write ANYTHING they want anonymously on your board. The destruction of joy, peace, identity, worth and value all happen with the words stated on this site. I am not one to over spiritualized things, but this app is truly a tool for evil. PLEASE ask your kids about this app and discuss why it is not be a healthy place to be. And talk about how words plant seeds of either joy or destruction.

Now Trending: AskFM | Trends and Teens | The Truth About Trends and Teens.

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CIY Move 2014

Move Background

Location: Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee

Dates: June 23rd – 27th, 2014

Where do I sign up? Right here.

When is the deadline? April 14th, 2014

But the real deadline is, like, sometime in June, right? No

Ok, but seriously, I can still sign my student up the night before, right? Absolutely not.

Ok, well, what about like April 15th? No, the deadline is April 14th.

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Youth Ministry Starts At Home – TEEN QUEST

Recently I was studying Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  The Lord revealed principles in this verse that   has given clear direction in raising my children for the glory of God.

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Parent Night March 19th

Parent Night Slide

Register here.

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#Trending: Jerry B. Jenkins | Trends and Teens | The Truth About Trends and Teens

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